About Us

Bur Oaks Farm, located just a few minutes from downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been operated by Tom & Rosanne Bloomer since 1982.  We are just the fourth family to own the farm since the area was settled by Europeans in 1827.  The name Bur Oaks has been a traditional name for the farm for many decades, and comes from the several huge bur oaks that inhabit the property.

For many years now, we have been raising and processing traditional popcorns.  All of the varieties we use are bred in the traditional way, and are not genetically engineered by manipulating DNA (genetically engineered varieties are commonly called GMO varieties -- only non-GMO varieties are raised at Bur Oaks.)

The entire process, from planting to packaging, takes place at Bur Oaks Farm.  We have our own grain cleaning plant, as well as our roasting, processing, and packaging plant, to ensure careful quality control from start to finish.  For instance, folks who are allergic to peanuts can be assured that our product never comes in contact with peanuts or peanut processing machinery, because our popcorns never leave the farm until ready for the consumer.

Processing of grain is done in small batches in order to ensure maximum oversight in quality control.  We grow special varieties developed specifically for their purpose, because we believe that results in a tastier, and sometimes a nutritionally superior product.  And we are always looking for potential improvements.  In doing so, we concentrate on superior taste and texture rather than only visual appeal and yield.

We are proud that our products are part of the agricultural heritage of Washtenaw County, Michigan, and we hope that our customers enjoy them.