Our Popcorn

To pop popcorn on a range top you will need a 3 to 4 quart pan with a loose fitting lid to allow some steam to escape.  Heat 1/3 cup of oil (canola, grape seed, or non-virgin olive oil) to 400 degrees.  Add a cup of popcorn and cover.  Shake to evenly spread, and continue shaking when the popcorn begins to pop.  When the popping is almost complete remove the pan from the stove top.  The heated oil will still pop the remaining kernels.  When complete uncover and salt to taste (don’t add before popped as it will make the corn tough). Enjoy plain, or season with olive oil, butter, salt or your favorite seasoning. 

There are many commercial poppers on the market, but our favorites are the Stir CrazyTM, or the Whirley PopTM popcorn poppers. 

We grow two varieties of popcorn on our farm, both are non GMO.  Bur Oaks Red is a red kernel popcorn that pops snow white and is very tender.  Bur Oaks White is also a very delicate tender corn. 

All of our corn is grown, stored, cleaned and processed on our farm in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Most producers fumigate their corn to prevent grain moths from infesting the corn.  We choose instead to freeze our corn to eliminate insects.  Because we do not use an insecticide grain moths can return so we recommend keeping g your corn in your freezer or refrigerator in an airtight container so your corn does not dry out.  Popcorn needs to have 13.5% humidity to fully pop. 

If you prefer your popcorn already popped our corn can be purchased at: www.popdaddypopcorn.com